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Faculty Leaders


Dilek Yıldırım (MCC, MP, EQSA)


Having the title of Master Coach (MCC) given by the ICF, Dilek (ICF Master Certified Coach - MCC) is one of the leaders in the development of the coaching profession in Turkey.

With more than 6,500 hours of coaching experience in the coaching activities that he has been carrying out since 2004, he provides coaching, mentoring  and team coaching   special designed services to many international companies and holdings_. He recognizes the difficulties, concerns, and pressures that managers face with the role they undertake, from the experience he has gained from his managerial roles over many years and With his passion for coaching, he supports managers to achieve better and shape their own future.

He is the president of ICF (International Coaching Federation) Turkey  2007, which works actively to maintain the coaching profession at the highest quality and ethical standards in our country. At the same time, as the Supervision Group Leader in EMCC Turkey, the concept of Supervision is popularized with the aim of maintaining the quality in coaching. works with the target.

Dilek also developed the '5C' model, which is the Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy Coaching Philosophy and coaching model.

Having the title of Master Coach (MCC) given by the ICF, Dilek has completed the accredited trainings given by the world's leading coaching schools in the field of coaching and continues to develop openly to innovations. 

Her  book “Someone Listens to Me - Experienced Coaching Stories” was published as an original publication by Optimist Kitap in November 2012.  The real stories in this book aim to better understand coaching. “Who Holds The Magic Wand?” The book, which was also published in English with its name, is available in the world's leading bookstores.

Since October 2017, he continues to work individually, and he also continues his roles as Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy Co-Founder and Training Director.

Dilek's philosophy of life; Every human has unlimited potential! As long as he believes that he has the power to create his own story by believing who he is and knowing what he wants, by protecting his originality!


Meltem Şakarcan (MCC, MP, EQSA)


Gurkan Sarioglu (PCC)

Gürkan, as an electronics engineer graduated from METU, ended his 37-year corporate life at Türk Telekom, IBM, Ericsson, STFA, Ericsson and Turkcell companies in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) sector, in line with the goal he set for himself. In the last three years of his corporate life at Turkcell, he provided in-house mentorship and supported potential executives in their careers. His mentoring experience was the biggest factor in choosing coaching as his post-corporate job.

Gürkan has been a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) since 2007, when he started his coaching training. He contributed to the establishment of the International Professional Coaching Association, the Turkish branch of ICF, and served as the Chairman of the Board of Directors between 2010 and 2012. Currently, he continues his contribution at the national level as a member of ICF Turkey's Advisory Board. As one of the five founding members elected to the newly established ICF EMEA Regional Advisory Council in mid-2014, he brought his contributions to the coaching profession to an international level. Since April 2016, he has been serving on the Independent Review Board, a board that evaluates allegations of ethical violations against ICF Coaches or Coaching Educational Institutions. Gürkan graduated from an ICF-accredited Coaching Training Program (ACTP - Accredited Coach Training Program) and has the title of PCC (Professional Certified Coach) given by ICF.

It values people as individuals. He uses this passion to add value not only to individuals but also to the institutions managed by these individuals. He uses his wide-ranging experience to support those he coaches and mentors, particularly in the areas of people management and development, transforming strategies into successful practices, and establishing structured working environments. As a coach who has worked from the lowest level of the corporate ladder to the General Manager level, he puts this knowledge into the service of executives with ambitious career goals.


Zeynep Berkol  (PCC)

Having the title of Professional Certified Coach (PCC) given by ICF, Zeynep, after retiring from the banking sector where she has been working for many years, started to give corporate trainings where she supported the values of inspiration, inspiration and sharing, and where she could share her experiences. The internal training experience she gave during the years she worked at Finansbank played a major role in making this choice.


In 2013, she added coaching to her life, which she sees as making life easier, nurturing, and bringing people together with her own resources. She graduated from an ICF accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP - Accredited Coach Training Program).


Zeynep, who attaches great importance to the reflection of the coaching that supports the creative side of the person and the coaching perspective that approaches the personal existence with respect to the business world, focused on "Personal Leadership Skills", "Coaching Approach in Leadership and Mentoring Skills", which support leaders more in corporate trainings as she progressed in the coaching profession.She also coaches teams.


Zeynep, who cares about the development of coaches and the coaching profession and its implementation within the framework of ethical rules, works in the ICF working committees on this subject. She is an ICF registered mentor.


Supporting women in making their business life sustainable by creating a meaningful vision for the future and supporting their personal leadership are indispensable in the flow of life.

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