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Professional Coaching
Certification Programs

Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy Coaching Philosophy and Approach, VUCA (V – Volatility, U – Uncertainty, C – Complexity, A - Ambiguity): Individual and It is based on the fact that leaders live their potential at the highest level in a way that includes MEANING, feel FREE in directing the story they are in by making conscious choices, and positively affect all their relationships, the system they are in and the world with their UNIQUE stance. Coaching is choosing what we want to do with these resources by collaborating with the existing energy and potential.
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Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy Professional Coaching Certification Programs

Our approach supports all people to design the change they want in their own integrity, in business and personal life, and to progress by making CONSCIOUS choices in the individual, coach, leader and all relationships they are in, accompanied by their values, life purpose, search for meaning.

The individual reveals and develops the existing energy in order to ensure harmony and balance in all areas of his life, and to build the future with his original existence.

This model, which has been created by following various coaching models, approaches and tools in real life, and its effectiveness has been proven, differs from traditional approaches as it arises from experiences.

 coaches, who graduated from our program accredited  by ICF and EMCC, the two main organizations that regulate the coaching profession all over the world, are aware of their own essence and stories, and by connecting deeply to the philosophy of the model. They also go through their own journeys.


Our Professional Coaching Program consists of Two Phases:


Basic Level Certificate Program

Participants who are introduced to coaching, learn about coaching discipline, skills, tools, coaching mindset, a coaching model, and experience various coaching tools, attend the Professional Coaching/Mentoring program consisting of 4 modules and receive a participation certificate showing accredited training hours recognized by ICF and EMCC at the end of the Program. Participants who complete this program can apply to EMCC for the EIA_Practitioner title if they meet the requirements.


Level 1 Accreditation 

Participants who complete the Basic Level Certificate Program, which includes 84 hours of credit; 

after completing 7 hours of Group Mentoring, 3 hours of One-on-One Mentoring, and 5 hours of Registered Coaching Session Evaluation, they take an oral and written exam organized by the Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy. Those who successfully complete the exam receive the LEVEL 1 certification and, after completing 100 hours of coaching work, they earn the right to apply to the ICF for ACC credentialing.


Level 2 Advanced Level

Participants who have completed the Basic Program and wish to deepen their knowledge in coaching aiming to obtain the ICF PCC credential can participate in the Advanced Level program, which includes group work, mentoring, registered coaching sessions, and supervision processes.


Participation Requirements:

For detailed information about participation requirements, you can send an email to or contact Meltem Şakarcan at 0212 982 39 47.

The first 4 modules of the Eternal Coaching School Professional Coaching Certificate Program are  84 hours in total and include 140 hours of work in total with the Advanced Program. 

Program Language: Turkish and English 
The entire program is carried out online / via Zoom.
Program Language in  February  - May  2024 Term is Turkish.

Module 1
Coaching Spiral
Introduction Professional Coaching 
23-24-25 February 2024
21 Hours

  • The definition of Professional Coaching and its difference from other disciplines,

  • ICF (International Coaching Federation) Ethical Principles and core coaching competencies

  • Creating the Coaching Relationship and 'Process Contract'

  • Eternal Coaching Model 5C coaching steps

  • Eternal Coaching Philosophy 'Self-Leadership - Freedom - Authenticity' introduction

  • Preparatory assignments for the second module

Module 2
Self Leadership
Coaching with Self Leadership 
Professional Coaching Introduction
22-23-24 March 2024
21 Hours

  • Eternal Coaching Philosophy and first step to 5C Model: Introduction to Self-Leadership Philosophy

  • Coaching Mind Structure

  • Tools used in coaching with Self-Leadership Philosophy

  • Systems approach and importance in coaching

  • Usage of 5C Coaching Model in Self-Leadership Philosophy

  • HomeWorks

Module 3
Coaching with Freedom Philosophy
19-20-21 April 2024
21 Hours

  • Effects of mind structure on performance

  • Power and effect of creating different angles.

  • Tools that are used in coaching with freedom philosophy

  • Usage of 5C Coaching Model with Freedom philosophy

  • Coaching spaces in business life and Executive Coaching

  • Usage of 5C Coaching Model in business life

  • Introduction to coaching as an 'Entrepreneur'

  • HomeWorks

   Module 4


   Coaching with authenticity Philosophy 

   17-18-19 September 2024

  • Coach existence when working with emotions

  • Using art of “story telling” in coaching

  • Tools to be used in coaching with Originality philosophy

  • Usage of 5C Coaching Model with Originality philosophy

  • Integrating Self-Leadership – Freedom – Originality Philosophies with 5C Coaching model

  • HomeWorks


  Özgünlük Felsefesi ve Araçları

  15-16-17 Eylül 2023

Liderlik veya koçluk yaparken kendi özümüze sahip çıkabilmek ve ÖZGÜNLÜK sergileyebilmek, kalpten davranabilmek bireysel bir misyondur. Her birey biriciktir, kendi kaynaklarına sahiptir ve özgünlük her kişi için farklı olacaktır.

  • 5C ®Koçluk Modelinin Özgünlük felsefesi ile kullanılması

  • Özgünlük felsefesi ile koçlukta kullanılan araçlar

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