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Team Coaching

In a rapidly changing world, teams are also changing rapidly. As teams are constantly changing their focus, the way they work, their members are also changing. In this complex system, increasing collaboration within the team is more important and more complex. Therefore, teams attach importance to being more agile, indomitable and cooperative. Teams need to create value for and with all their stakeholders  .

Employee Engagement Surveys, Organizational Culture Surveys, Change Management initiatives have grown dramatically over the past decade as organizations today increasingly recognize the importance of the ability to work together to achieve results. 

With this awareness, Team Coaching is rapidly gaining attention as a powerful tool for helping leadership teams improve performance. 

Team Coaching skills are important for coaches who want to improve themselves as a Team Coach and for all leaders who manage teams in organizations  and we invite you to develop these skills together.

In basic education; Concepts such as team coaching, its difference from other team development practices, team coaching competencies to be built on basic coaching competencies to go beyond individual coaching, coaching contracts, planning the team coaching process, and moving the team forward, are included in team coaching competencies.

 In practice studies, each team coach will experience both working with a co-coach and coaching through the scenarios given.

We believe in the importance of supervision for team coaches; In addition, the ethical rules require the team coach to receive supervision. Supervision support is provided by attending  one-and-a-half hour group supervision twice by each team coach.

For detailed information info@ecmacademy.comYou can contact us at  .

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