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İncil Çalışma Grubu

Executive Coaching

The duties and responsibilities of middle-level managers working in organizations are extremely heavy. Ensuring that team members adopt the vision and goals determined by the senior management, keeping the motivation of their employees at a certain level, ensuring that employee loyalty becomes permanent, helping new employees to complete the orientation process quickly, and a performance that will also achieve their own personal goals. are expected to show.

During the Executive Coaching process, the ECMA coach guides the managers to see the difference between their actual and ideal performances, and to take the necessary awareness to reach the ideal performance levels.

After the 360-degree measurements applied to the managers who are decided to be included in the coaching process, if requested by the organization or the client, they are given one-to-one feedback in the first place, the process is decided and a coaching relationship that will last for about 6 months begins.

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