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About Us

ETERNAL  The Coaching and Mentoring Academy (ECMA) Philosophy and 5C® Coaching Model support leaders/individuals who we believe are capable of designing the change they truly want in business and personal life c_de7819 Developed with the target -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_.


Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy  Coaching approach; To ensure harmony and balance in all areas of life and to ensure the progress of the coach, leaders and clients, by designing the change they really want in their business and personal life, in their own integrity, and by making conscious choices in all the relationships they establish in the roles they are in, accompanied by their values, vision and search for meaning. It reveals and develops one's potential in order to build the future, accompanied by

Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy programs provide managers and teams with everything they need, especially professional coach training, programs to create a coaching and mentoring culture that will positively affect the results by creating a coaching perspective in institutions, supervision and mentoring services to contribute to the professional development of professional coaches. It consists of all of the services that show a systemic approach to the issue.

In the light of our philosophy, as ETERNAL Coaching and Mentoring Academy;

our vision

Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy aims to train authentic coaches who have internalized the professional boundaries and exhibit the coaching mentality in all areas of their lives, and to maintain the highest professional coaching quality.

Our Mission

Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy exists to help individuals and teams use their potential with awareness and to positively affect all their relationships, the system they are in, and the world.

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