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Our Policies

General Disability Policy

Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Acdemy supports people with disabilities and is committed to creating appropriate environments to enable people with disabilities to access education programs with reasonable accommodations. In addition, it prohibits discrimination based on disability and provides equal opportunity for all persons with disabilities. Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy is committed to providing reasonable arrangements in accordance with all local and international laws.

Participants who wish to report discrimination are encouraged to follow our company's complaints policy.

Providing Environments That Eliminate Learning Disabilities

Our aim is to create a learning environment that meets the needs of each participant.  We can use various media to make our program more accessible. 

Those who want to determine if their needs can be met and learn more about this policy info@ecmacademy.comThey can contact us at  address.

Complaint Policetick

Eternal Coaching Academy Inc. strives to ensure that everyone is treated equally and to resolve all complaints in a timely and fair manner. Participants have the right to complain about the presentation, content, facility, or instructor behavior.

All complaints will be handled to the best of our ability.

The operation of the Complaints Policy is given below.

  • A participant should first try to solve his/her problem directly with the trainer, staff or participant. If participants are not comfortable approaching the individual, they can proceed to step 2.

  • If the participants are unable to reach the person they have complained about or are hesitant to reach them for any reason, or if they cannot solve the problem directly, they should submit their complaints in writing to the program manager within (7) days. The program manager will investigate the issue and inform the participant within (3) days of receiving the complaint.    The program administrator will work with all parties involved to resolve the issue. If the participant does not believe the issue has been resolved, a written appeal request should be sent to the Eternal Coaching Academy for review. This appeal must include the original complaint and the participant's reason(s) for dissatisfaction with the resolution attempt(s).

  •  Objections are reviewed and a written response is given to the participant within (3) days.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Eternal Coaching Academy Inc. policy is:

• Recruitment of all employees, race, age, religion, color, creed, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, without discrimination of sexual identity, marital status, disability or veteran status.

• Employees may not discriminate against each other or participant by race, age, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender, because of sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability, or veteran status cannot discriminate.

• All individuals, Eternal Coaching Academy A.Ş. The programs opened by, race, age, religion, color, belief, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, can participate in programs regardless of disability or veteran status.

• All employees, students, and other participants should have a non-discrimination and harassment-free takes advantage of the environment. This includes race, age, religion, color, creed, national origin, gender, in the areas of sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, disability or veteran status including, but not limited to, discrimination or harassment. Eternal Coaching Academy A.Ş Management does not allow any employee, student, volunteer, contractor, visitor    or reasonable to the seller's or any individual's ability to learn in a safe environment does not tolerate behavior that interferes in an inappropriate way. Participants who want to report discrimination should follow the stated complaints policy is encouraged (outline outlined) Eternal Coaching Academy A.Ş. all claims and will promptly investigate reports of misconduct.

Statement of Ethics, Integrity, and  Transparency

ETERNAL COACHING & MENTORING ACADEMY is committed to acting with honesty and transparency. We hold ourselves and our participants to the highest level of integrity and try to be as transparent as possible by clearly stating the measures taken to deliver programs in an ethical manner.

We act with the motto and spirit of “Every person is naturally creative, resourceful and whole”. We are committed to the rights and feelings of others with sincerity and respect. As an academy of mentors and coaches, we are a committed community that contributes with our talents to uphold our standards and improve ourselves and the wider community in which we live and work. Our responsibilities and obligations to the advancement of learning, discovery and participation in academia span our nation and the world.

We nurture our relationships with other coaching partners who support our vision or join us to promote common interests. We integrate our mission with our responsibilities. We contribute our information resources impartially while serving our public purposes.

Our actions demonstrate our understanding of ICF's core values and the actions that stem from them. All values are equally important to us and support each other. All ETERNAL instructors and graduates are expected to showcase and spread these values in all their interactions. We promise to use our resources wisely, bringing together the best versions of ourselves in professionalism, collaboration, humanity and equality.

We follow a fair, secure and ethical sales process and equal pricing policy to ensure access to coaching programs.

The ICF Code of Ethics defines ICF's core values, ethical principles and standards of conduct for all ICF professionals. Meeting these ethical standards of behavior is the first of ICF's core coaching competencies. You can learn more about the ICF Code of Ethics here. ICF Code of Ethics here.

Registration - Participation Policy

Success in our program requires the full commitment of all participants. When enrolling in the programs, participants agree to be fully present and do their best at all sessions. This includes arriving on time, following the code of conduct, and participating in program activities.


Conditions of Participation

In order for the participants to be entitled to a certificate, they must be present at the trainings within the determined program.

Participants are expected to contact the program leaders and inform them if they are unable to participate in a part or a module of the program due to an emergency or health problems. In these cases, they are expected to complete the study materials, receive additional mentoring if necessary, or complete the relevant module in the next period to make up for the missed work.

Participants have the option, at their own expense, to work with the program leader or enroll in another program if they cannot attend more than two  hours of a module.

However, in cases where they cannot participate in mentor coaching, they should request an additional individual mentor coaching meeting at their own expense, in order to complete 10 hours of mentor coaching as per the International Coaching Federation rules.

Requests for this policy must be submitted in writing to the program leader and the Eternal Coaching Academy for consideration on a case-by-case basis.

Participation Rules

Our programs are designed interactively so that our participants get the most benefit.

Therefore, participants are expected to stay in touch with the program leaders and other participants throughout the entire program process and participate in all activities, including coaching and experiential learning exercises. If participation in a program or a part of the program is not possible, informing the program leader within an appropriate time frame is an important issue for the management of the process. 

For details, please see the Code of Conduct below.


Code of Conduct

Our participants are expected to behave professionally throughout the entire training process, in group work or in one-on-one work. 


While the general expectations are stated below, additional items may be added according to the conditions of the day.


• Arriving on time for training modules, group work, and one-on-one work.

• Participating in all group work and mentor coaching sessions.

• Cameras are open in online programs.

• Full participation   in training modules sessions, group work and mentor coaching sessions.

  This item includes necessary preparation, doing homework, participating in discussions and activities  , taking responsibility for learning, and contributing to the learning of others.

• Participate in discussions with integrity and honesty.

• Cell phone being on silent, not texting and other disturbing behaviors     

Respect other participants and program leaders, including  .

• Diversity and inclusion while respecting the dignity and humanity of others

Adopting  .

Partial Completion Policy

Credit Process to be Applied in Partial Completion of the Program


In case of partial completion of a program, Eternal Coaching Academy will issue a certificate with credits covering the part completed. This credit will be based on the number of hours of the program attended and the completion of the assignments given before and after the program. (such as coaching exercise, individual studies)


For information on obtaining a partial credit certificate for a program you are currently attending or have already attended info@ecmacademy.comYou can contact us at  mail.


Please send us the details of the program you have completed, the period of participation in the program you requested and any additional documents, if any. If it is deemed appropriate as a result of the examination, we will send you your certificate containing the credit parallel to the number of completed training hours.

Payment and Fee Policy

Payments will be in TRL for domestic residents. You are expected to send your payments to the Eternal Koçluk Academy A.Ş bank account.

Program registrations will be completed by determining the payment conditions and fulfilling the payment conditions in the specified period.

Refund Policy

To be eligible for a full refund for cancellation of participation in a program, the request must be made at least (10) business days prior to the start of the program. No refunds will be made for cancellations made less than 10 days before the start of the program. Written notice of cancellation must be given to Eternal Koçluk Akademi A.Ş. will be valid on the date of receipt. Refunds will be made within (15) days of receipt of cancellation or withdrawal requests.

Registry Changes

Enrollment changes, including participant change or switching between programs, must be completed at least seven days before the program date. To change attendees registration information info@ecmacademy.comThey can contact  mail at  mail. Change requests will be evaluated in line with the number of participants.

Credit Transfer Policy

Individuals who have completed a Level 1 Program accredited by the ICF from another organization may transfer their completed credit hours to our Level 2 program. The contact information of the organization organizing the completed Level 1 program, the number of hours completed, and the certificate of completion must be forwarded to Eternal Koçluk academy A.Ş. Additional details or documents may be requested as needed. For more information you can contact us.

Disease Policy

It is important to be present at all program sessions to provide the hours of training required to qualify for certification.


In this process, in cases where it is not possible to participate in training programs, group work or mentoring processes due to an emergency (health, etc) , the program leader should be contacted. Support can be obtained from program leaders by paying an additional fee to make up for missed class, group work.


In cases where participants cannot attend more than 2 hours of a module, they have the option of working with the program leader or enrolling in another program at their own expense.


However, in cases where they cannot participate in mentor coaching for more than 1 hour, they should request an additional individual mentor coaching meeting at their own expense, in order to complete 10 hours of mentor coaching as per the International Coaching Federation rules.


Requests for this policy must be submitted in writing to the program leader and Eternal Koçluk Academy A.Ş for consideration.

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