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Corporate Feedback Culture

For the last 15 years, there has not been a word or a word left unspoken about the importance of intergenerational communication in almost all sectors, how much it affects productivity, and who should keep up with whom. While all this was going on, we realized that the third generation started to prepare for business life and many roles such as employees, entrepreneurs, customers, business partners, etc. will be with us in the next five years.

While all these dynamics are changing, providing a common Communication Language Unity for companies beyond Corporate Communication is increasing day by day.  This is exactly where the Feedback Culture comes from.

By creating a culture where feedback and honesty are valued, you can increase employee engagement, build a better company, and improve business performance. ALL TOGETHER!

What is Feedback Culture?

Although in the recent past feedback was only referred to as the interviews that managers had with their employees at specified periods, today a culture of feedback is essentially,

  • Among employees,

  • between employees and managers,

  • It is a workplace culture that focuses on honest communication between managers and senior management.

A culture of feedback works when it is embraced and implemented as a culture where every employee feels entitled to give feedback to another person in the organization, regardless of where it might fall on the organizational chart.

Why is a healthy feedback culture important to your organization's future success? Some of the many reasons;

  • employee engagement,

  • positive work environment,

  • Increase in turnover and decrease in “Brain Drain”

  • Development of Corporate Communication culture,

ECMA Corporate Feedback Culture Programs are formed by shaping modular structures according to the needs of each institution and department, based on the ECMA Coaching Approach model.

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