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Team Coaching

The target in the basic management philosophy of the companies: Teams where high performance ensures continuity

The Essential Question is: What is needed for High Performance teams?

Team coaching is an effective performance tool designed specifically for teams, which is used to ensure cooperation among team members, to establish common goals and performance goals, to provide an effective cooperation and communication process with business partners, and to develop team spirit.


Team members participating in the Team Coaching program:

  • He sees the whole beyond the individual or functional point of view.

  • It focuses on achieving results as a whole.

  • A positive, creative, unattainable atmosphere is created.

  • It does not allow team toxins such as blame and criticism, defense, contempt, building walls.

  • The sense of joint and personal responsibility increases.

  • Understands and makes sense of his role in the team.

  • They act together to achieve the desired results.


ECMA Faculty Leaders are certified coaches from the world's leading organizations in Team and System Coaching, and they manage Team Coaching processes with a system perspective.

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