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EMCC Approved Leadership Development Program


Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy (ECMA) Leadership Philosophy believes that leaders should first know themselves, develop their perspectives and be aware of their emotions with the 'Self-Leadership' Philosophy in order to reveal their and their employees' potentials and increase their performance.

Leaders who exhibit conscious behaviors by being aware of their feelings and thoughts with self-awareness and self-management can use their potential to be skilled and positive leadership in the management of human relations in every field. In order to achieve this, being able to look at the current situation from many perspectives and ensuring that all team members have the same perspective despite their differences in order to achieve this is the most important indicator of success for leaders.

This program, consisting of a total of 6 days, consisting of three  Modules,

  • Middle and senior managers should first examine their own mindsets as 'manager' in order to improve their personal and business results, and form the basis of using this process to build trust,

  • To use their self-leadership philosophy and positive and proactive mindsets in their business life to provide more benefits both in the development of their teams and in creating more synergies with other business partners,

  • Integrating the perspectives, resources and creativity of leaders and employees to achieve individual, team and company goals,

  • With the 5C Coaching Model, which forms the backbone of the program, it supports the creation of a common perspective and management language in a way that will increase the productivity of themselves and their teams during feedback, performance management, delegation and change periods in business life.

Evaluation tools that can be used before and/or after the program:

Birkman Individual and Team Assessment Tools

VIA (Values In Action) Tools


In the processes following the completion of the program, reminder and follow-up resources are shared via the Eternal Mentora System on Line.

Module 1

I Manage With My Values
  • Overview of Management and Leadership in the 21st Century

  • Self Leadership Philosophy

  • Mental Agility

Module 2

'KoçVARI' Leadership
  • The Effect of 'Coach' Mindset on Performance in Business Life

  • 5C Coaching Model and KoçVARI Manager Behavior Indicators

  • System Impact of Koç VARI Leadership Dimension

Module 3

 'Empowering Leader'
  • The Foundation of Strong Teams

  • The Eternal Philosophy 'Differences Are My Treasure' Manifesto

  • 'Feedback & Feed Forward'

  • Eternal Coaching Philosophy 'Feedback Manifesto'

  • Delegation

  • Eternal Coaching Philosophy 'Delegation Manifesto'

  • Periods of Change

  • Eternal Coaching Philosophy 'Change Leader Manifesto'

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