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İncil Çalışma Grubu

Coaching Leadership

About the Program:

This program, which is Open to Public Participation and Specially Organized for Institutions, aims to improve the coaching skills of middle and senior managers  to carry out coaching meetings structured with the 5C Coaching model,  Coaching with the philosophy of Self Leadership. Ensuring that they apply their mindsets in all areas of their lives, supports them to gain experience in how they can use these skills in their specific areas of business life.

Who Should Attend: Middle and senior managers who have received Management Skills Training and want to improve their own and their team's performance using  coaching skills.

Duration: 2 Days

Quota: 15 people

Training Leader: Meltem Şakarcan ( ACPC, PCC)

Benefits at the End of the Program:

Participants will experience all the steps of a coaching interview structured with the 5 C Coaching Model,  Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy Coaching Model, with a simple but deep perspective.  With the coaching meetings structured with Self Leadership Coaching Philosophy, they will internalize how they can use the coaching mindset in different situations in business life, and they will gain a sustainable perspective in order to return their team's potential to real performance.

Program Titles:

  • Introduction of coaching and its difference from other disciplines

  • The effect of coaching perspective on performance improvement in today's management philosophy

  • 5C Coaching Model and Coaching Competencies

  • Coaching with Self-Leadership Philosophy

  • Coaching Areas and Coaching Styles in Business Life

Participation Conditions:For detailed information about participation conditions info@ecmacademy.comYou can send an e-mail to   or reach Meltem Şakarcan at (212) 982 39 47.

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