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İncil Çalışma Grubu

The Art of Feedback with Koç-like Management

About the Program:

Although the feedback process has been accepted as a basic management skill for many years, it also stands out as the most basic element that creates team motivation. Feedback given to improve personal and business results only works and brings results when it is well accepted and applied by the person.

In this program, our participants will first examine their own mindsets as 'managers' and form the basis of using this process to build trust. Thus, instead of focusing on the past, they will become aware of the mental motivation to feed forward to future opportunities.

They will realize the effects of a feedback meeting, in which the 5C Coaching model is structured and responsibilities are clearly defined, on the team performance as well as the individual performances of the employees.

Who Should Attend:Middle and Senior Managers

Duration:2 days

Quota:15 people

For detailed information about the program info@ecmacademy.comYou can send an e-mail to   or reach Meltem Şakarcan at   212 982 39 47.

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