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ECMA Coaching Philosophy

Eternal Coaching & Mentoring Academy The coaching approach is for individuals and leaders who have to struggle to protect their own essence in the age of Fluctuation - Uncertainty - Confusion - Ambiguity, to live their potential at the highest level in a way that includes MEANING, to feel FREE in directing the story they are in by making conscious choices. and with their ORIGINAL stances;

  • their relationships in their business and private lives,

  • their system,

  • It is based on their positive impact on the world.

Coaching is choosing what we want to do with these resources by collaborating with the existing energy and potential.

This model, which was created by following various coaching models, approaches and tools in real life, and its effectiveness has been proven, differs from traditional approaches as it arises from lived experiences.

With this approach  coaches and leaders from our school also go through journeys based on the philosophy of the model. They are authentic coaches and leaders who are aware of their own selves and stories, and can establish deep connections.

The ECMA Coaching Philosophy looks at the business and private lives of leaders, clients and coaches from 3 different perspectives:

Self Leadership; Individuals can influence leaders to achieve personal or business goals.

Freedom; Seeing our options as individuals and as leaders, being able to make choices and making the right choice in a way that will best affect both ourselves and the environment we are in, is to take the right step and take action to advance in this choice.

Originality; It is to be aware of feelings and thoughts in the face of events as an individual and to manage them in accordance with their own essence. Authenticity as a leader is taking an authentic and original stance.

ECMA Coaching Model

The ECMA Coaching Model is designed to include ECMA additional competencies along with the Code of Ethics and Core competencies approved by ICF and EMCC  .

The coaching process and the coaching interview are a structured process and interview. The main responsibility of the coach is to manage this process in a structured process, "believing that each individual is creative, resourceful and whole" .

The model, which covers 5 basic processes of coaching, consists of 5 main topics and sub-competencies.

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